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Trauma & Self-regulation

Self-regulation is the process of attuning to and caring for our nervous system. In cases of developmental trauma, the nervous system learns to maintain fight/flight/freeze states, which are natural responses to childhood abuse and neglect. 


TRE is a user-friendly self-regulation tool that dissolves trauma and builds capacity for resilience and responsiveness, encouraging a return to health. 


Your relationship with TRE begins by working with Leela, a certified practitioner, who helps you create a container for your empowerment.

Through this relationship, a healing balm of regulation is transmitted. It assists you in developing capacities for maintaining a stable sense of self and sustainable connection with others.

This video shows a more intense session with someone who had been doing TRE as an ongoing practice. Early sessions of TRE are much calmer and more regulated. 

Navy Seal releases physical trauma with TRE

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