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I would highly recommend Leela to anyone looking to learn TRE. I did not know much about TRE before my session, but Leela explained it in a way that was really easy for me to understand. I slept really great after my session, and the next day I noticed that my back pain was gone. I am really looking forward to another session. ~ Josh C.




I have been extremely blessed to be able to do a few TRE sessions with Leela so far. I was not familiar with TRE, but I was extremely excited to try something new that could possibly help me with my past trauma, anxiety, and addiction struggles. The tremoring put me in what I would describe as an alert meditation. My body felt very relaxed afterwards. Leela is trauma informed, and it really showed through during my TRE sessions. She even called me afterwards to make sure that I was doing well. I would absolutely recommend TRE with Leela to anyone with trauma or tension. It is something that you can learn and eventually take home with you to implement into your daily lives! ~Lauren

The best therapeutic companions are those who have alchemized their woundedness into wisdom, sensitivity, and a will to lean into the experience of life, and who then go on to share that wealth for the benefit of others, thereby contributing to a lineage of health and a community based upon authenticity and virtue. Leela’s breadth of life experience combines a strong grasp of method and enthusiasm with a deep, open heart. Her stance makes for an exceptionally effective and beneficial therapeutic space, into which others can enrust the delicate and tender feelings associated with trauma. ~J


Leela transmits a presence of warmth and safety, grounded in rich, practical wisdom, which together define a space within which the deep feelings and stresses released by the method can be well met and soundly processed. One walks away with a sense of increased stability, confidence, and personal strength, which can be translated into improved conditions and relationships. ~Jon K


Leela is an expression of hard-wrought wisdom, compassion, and healing grace. She has attained mastery in understanding the intricate process of developing and transforming attachment trauma, as well as the spectrum of stress and tension syndromes. Leela's personal healing process has been informed by multiple dimenions - somatic, psychological, social, and spiritual. A decades-long process of trial and error has been her cross and guide. Ultimately, mindfulness and titration-sensitive somatic approaches, such TRE's neurogenic release, have been her bridge to liberation. As a Certified TRE® practitioner, Leela supports clients in realizing safe, empowering connection and fundamental rest. Thus resourced, legacies of dysregulation, pain, and coping give way to coherence, stability, and thriving. ~S


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