About The TREmor Path 


Trauma Recovery with Leela Middleton, Certified TRE® Practitioner

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438 Third Ave

Scottdale GA, 30079

What to Expect

During your first session, you can expect to learn what TRE is, as well as a little history of how Dr. David Berceli developed the technique. Then, we will review your history and answer any questions you may have. 


Once you feel comfortable, I will lead you through six modifiable exercises designed to fatigue the muscles and encourage the bodies natural neurogenic tremor. We continue the process with a short series of positions on the floor and give the body an opportunity to tremor in a more relaxed position. I will be present with you to answer any questions, provide support and containment, as well as observe your process. 

The process usually takes about an hour. After your body has had an opportunity to tremor, I will guide you into a rest position to allow your body some time to integrate. We will then review your session, and I will make personalized recommendations. We like to say, “the tremor is the therapist,” and, over time, you will come to trust it to bring you relief and resilience.


I recommend a minimum of three individual guided sessions to establish your practice. For more complex trauma, or for people who prefer to work in a therapeutic setting, ten or more sessions are recommended. Once you feel confident and safe, you can integrate the process into your self-care routine at home.

After three guided sessions, you are welcome to join group sessions.



Individual Intake session: $100

You first session includes the Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises® pamphlet that provides step by step instructions.

Follow up sessions: $80.00

Package discount: 3 sessions for $225.00

Reduced rate packages are available for Military Personnel, Teachers, Hospice Workers, First Responders and those with Chronic Illness.

If you would like donate to a scholarship fund to assist those who are eligible for reduced rate packages, it would allow me to provide them with quality services at an affordable rate.

Local group sessions: $35.00

Out of town group sessions:$50.00


Out of town individual sessions (25+ miles) will include travel costs.

I would be thrilled to do 2-4 hour workshops for groups. Please contact me to design a program that best suits your needs.